Audition Sides

“Sides” are a portion of the script that an actor reads for the casting director, in order to show she or he can play the part.

In the case of Shooter’s sides, I just copied the scene where we first meet Archie.  You can read that here: 1st Shooter Sides

If we really liked someone’s performance or, conversely, weren’t sure if he was good and wanted to see more, we gave him the scene where Shooter confronts Manfred.  We chopped out the flashbacks, just because there was no real reason to include them: 2nd Shooter Sides

Angel was tricky, because she didn’t talk much, until the very end.  Once you cut the flashbacks out of that scene, it doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense.  It makes even less sense if you haven’t read the rest of the movie up until that point.

We gave everyone access to the script, but I’m pretty convinced most of the actresses didn’t read it, because virtually no one read the scene properly the first time through.  (For instance, few realized the “clever” line was in reference to Shooter’s trick.)

Here’s the sides our Angels read: Angel Sides

For the call backs, I wrote a scene from scratch, at about six in the morning on Sunday.  Here’s what it looks like: Angel & Shooter Callbacks

I’m quite proud of the scene.  It’s cute and funny.  I almost wish it was in the movie.  🙂



  1. […] any case, we saw twelve combinations two times each, which means we watched the same scene twenty-four times in two hours.  It was a little mind-numbing, and by the end, the three of us […]

  2. […] wrote a two-and-a-half page scene for callbacks.  The actual auditions took between a minute and a minute and a half.  The script […]

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