Humming Along

July 19, 2009

Music is not my strong suit, as a quick perusal of my iTunes library will quickly show.  Any good music you find there, rest assured, is my wife’s.

But Pez Wilson came highly recommended by JohnMark Triplett, due to his work on Triplett’s short film, “Yoga Man.”

After Pez saw the film, we discussed many different musical styles and themes, most of which were contradictory and confusing, because A) I don’t know anything about music and B) I know even less about music than you think.

Thankfully, Pez worked his way through the haze that is my mind and has provided us with some cool musical accompaniment to our little spy film. As soon as Don has synced some of it up to the movie, I will post it here.



  1. I seriously did want to do this… I just bought a house though and my equip has been in storage at school until we move, this weekend (Aug 8th).

    now I’m sad. 😦

  2. Excuse me for commenting offtopic but what Word Press template are you using? Looks awesome!

  3. It’s Neat! by Topi Peltonen

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