Parks & Recreation

April 8, 2009

Turns out, shooting on state land isn’t as easy as we thought it was.

Next weekend, Curt had scheduled the remaining outdoors scenes– day exteriors at the beach and park. At the California film commission offices, we found a state beach and state park near each other that we liked.

But yesterday, just as Curt, Danny, and I were leaving to scout the location in person, Curt received a call from the guy in charge of filming at state beaches. He told us no one is allowed to film there on weekends.


We spent a little while calling the actors, to see if anyone could shoot on Friday or Monday. Monday was ruled out, and it’s going to rain Friday.

Curt found another park that might work, up in the hills, so we drove over there. It looked great, until we found out that it would cost over a thousand dollars to shoot for under four hours.

Luckily for us, Curt’s a resourceful guy. He’s making more calls, and thinks he’ll find something today or tomorrow, at least for the park scenes. The ending at the beach is still going to have to be shot another day.


One comment

  1. Joe and I learned that the hard way – planned a shoot in a dog park over a weekend. A week before, we heard we couldn’t shoot on the weekend. Ended up pushing the shoot by at least a month.

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