Call Backs Complete; Plus, No Jerks

March 20, 2009

Yesterday, we (Curt, Becca, and I) saw callbacks.  It turned out only three Shooters were available, and one of the Angels could come in for only half an hour, so all of Shawn’s mathematical advice was for naught.  🙂

In any case, we saw twelve combinations two times each, which means we watched the same scene twenty-four times in two hours.  It was a little mind-numbing, and by the end, the three of us could barely keep everyone straight.

We decided to wait until Cazt puts the videos online.  Hopefully then we’ll have a bit more perspective in choosing our leads.

After that, Curt and I met with a potential DP, a guy I worked with on a couple of shows in the past.  He’s a good guy, and fun to have around set, which I think is just as important as the quality of his work.

I’ve heard that Bill Lawrence has a “No Jerks” policy on Scrubs.  The theory is, no matter how good an asshole is at his job, there’s someone else who’s just as good and who’s not a dick.  In a creative environment (in any environment, really), why would you put up with the guy who makes everyone miserable?

I don’t exactly have the wide range of choices Lawrence has when casting and crewing his show, but I’m still trying to stick to the No Jerks Rule.  So far, I think I’ve been successful.


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