First Production Meeting

March 3, 2009

Yesterday, I met with producer Curt for our first actual production meeting.  We’d talked about things in general terms before, but this time, we actually sat down and talked it out.

Curt is an amazing faunt of information regarding all things free.  Did you know, for instance, that you’re allowed to film on any state-owned property for free?  I asked why, and he goes, “Well, you own it.”

Oh, yeah.

He also told me about this crazy casting facility that doesn’t charge you to hold auditions.  It’s true!  They make their money by recording auditions, and then charging the actors to see themselves.  It’s a strange business model, but apparently they’re making money.

On that note, we decided it’s about time to start posting casting notices.  Be on the look out for updates on that front, soon.


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