Learning From Others

January 27, 2009

Last weekend, I helped a friend on a shoot.  It’s a bigger production than this noir short, and far more likely to make its money back, in the end.

On Sunday, we shot at the Westmoreland Lofts. The location was versatile, with varied looks inside, outside, and, yes, even on the roof.

Totally noir, right?

Totally noir, right?

I fell in love with it, so I asked my buddy how much it cost him to film there.

I probably shouldn’t say the amount, but it was pants-shittingly expensive.  They had the gall to charge half a month’s rent to film for one day.  Why didn’t he just rent it for a month?  Because they won’t accept leases for less than a year!

Basically, this confirms my thinking that I’ll have to rewrite the script.


(PS: Sorry about the bad link for the picture in yesterday’s post.  It’s fixed, now.)


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