January 13, 2009

If you’ve read both the first draft and the current draft of the script, you may have noticed some changes. (Of course, it’d be weird if there weren’t any changes, huh?) I thought it might behoove me to explain those.

A lot of the little character tweaks come at the advice of my writers’ group. Those guys are always complaining about “trite dialogue” and “two dimensional characters.” Yeesh.

There were only two real structural changes: the Carson sequence and the final confrontation.

I added Carson because several people (including myself) thought it was too easy for Shooter to just pick a name off a list. I did a little research into pick pocketing, and came up with the scene you see now.

Curiously, one of the people who suggested that I add the scene also thought I should cut the part with Shooter changing his outfit and running around the block. I didn’t understand this at all. If he just snatches Carson’s phone, it’s boring. Worse, it’s easy. The whole purpose of the scene is for Shooter to earn it.

The new ending occurred to me very late in the game. I don’t know why. It seems obvious, now, that the filmhas to end with a face off. I guess that sort of discovery is just part of the process.


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