January 8, 2009

I have a remarkable memory for how and why I start stories.  It’s often because I was watching or reading something that bugged me, and I thought of a better way of writing it.  (My friend Marc would probably take issue with this method of story generation, but…  Well, really, I don’t have a justification for such post modern creation.)

In the case of this noir script, I was watching Gunslinger Girl.  It’s a pretty awesome series about little girls who were dying; the government cybernetically enhanced their bodies, and then trained as assassins.  It’s anime.

Anyway, there was a scene that we’ve all seen a thousand times.  The bad guy is holding a girl hostage, and the hero has to decide between saving the girl or catching the bad guy.  As usual, the hero finds a way to do both.  (Think of the ending of Spider-Man.)

So, I think to myself, why not have the hero actually choose?

Thus, the beginning of the film.  At first, it was just a writing exercise; I thought I could use it as an ending sometime.  Then I thought, why not make that the beginning, and see how the hero deals with not being quite as heroic as one might hope?

And there you go.  The rest pretty much writes itself.


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