Making a Mountain Out of a Mole Hill

January 7, 2009

After publishing my first post yesterday, I got a weird feeling about this whole process.

Not the process of making the movie, but the process of documenting the process of making the movie.  I fear there might be an element of of Heisenbergian uncertainty, that the mere act of observing the thing might change it.

My wife got me the Bitter Films collection for Christmas.  One of the best parts of the DVD is the 140 page history of all of Don Hertzfeldt’s films.  It’s got pencil tests and story boards and all kinds of fascinating stuff.

The thing is, almost a hundred of those pages are devoted just to Meaning of Life.  Now, I’m a huge Hertzfeldt fan (Rejected cracks my shit up every time), and I was really looking forward to MoL.  But when it finally came out, I reacted with a simple, “Meh.”  It was cool-looking, sure, but it was a little long, kinda meandering, and very self indulgent.

The DVD made it clear to me that Hertzfeldt really felt he was making something Important.  He kept every sketch and doodle related to thing.  Hell, he even filmed himself animating.  Seriously.

Which makes me wonder if it’s healthy to closely examine a film that doesn’t even exist yet.  Will my head swell with self importance, simply by dint of writing about my own activities?

Of course, it might be equally unhealthy to examine the process of documenting the process of making a movie.  If I pull back any further, I might fall out of the panel and wind up at Grant Morrison’s house.


One comment

  1. If you think of it more as a tutorial for others wishing to make an indie film and less of a director’s commentary, you’ll avoid as much self-indulgence

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